Many Organizations that you fundraise for may already have their own logo, swag, products, and materials. But maybe you would like flyers, business cards, TShirts, or posters for promoting your personal fundraising campaign. 

If this is the case we offer:

Team hats for your Walk a Thon Squad will keep everyone in the spirit.

Maybe you would like to show your support for a cause close to your heart with a decal on your car, an Iphone case, or a yard sign.

Raising Awareness is often as good as raising money

Competing for highest sales?

A custom wrapper for your fundraiser candybars

is a great way to check all the boxes-

`Raise awareness by promoting your organization.

`Raise Money selling the candy bars.

`Unique, Funny, Trendy Candy Sleeves

  can propel your Sales to first place!!

At PingKarma Custom Designs no job is too big or too small.

Simplified Fundraiser Design Packages are Charged at a rate of $15/hour-Average cost is $10-$50+the cost of your products

Contact us to discuss what we can do to Help You, Help Your                                                                              Favorite Helpers 

Raise the Vibe...