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PingKarma Custom Designs

Dawn Wilson
205 Erie Street
17018 Dauphin

223 240-2117


Our Services

With a focus on Apparel, Novelty, and Gifts, Themed Party and Event Supplies, as well as Fundraising Suites and Business Brand Identity Services, PingKarma Custom Designs aims to be your go-to site for all your customization dreams. We offer diverse packages for individual novelty products, private and professional events, group orders, and business branding. Our design services range from casual orders like a Father's Day Personalized Cap to comprehensive Full Service Wedding packages.

We have the largest selection of  Non Commercial, Personal Novelty, Apparel and Home Goods of any Print On Demand or Graphic Design Service that we personally could find on the internet. We partner with 5 separate print service providers and 4 Product Suppliers located  around the world. If our current partners do not have an item or print process you are dreaming of, we will find it!!! From stickers to wraps for your car-there is no limit to the number of products that people want customized. In our research for starting this venture we quickly learned that if a product exists it can be customized. Planes,-yachts,-the side of your house,-the side of a mountain. These things are probably outside our realm but they do exist. 

CLICK HERE to visit our PingKarma Business Solutions site at

You can view my mp4 Design Services Catalog  at for a detailed description of my consultation and design process.

Very Limited Spots are available NOW for 2025-2026 Wedding Print Concierge Services-Offering Full Wedding Paper Trousseaus  allowing  you to check everything paper & printed off your wedding to-do list!! I will provide the designing, printing, assembling, and mailing of all your print products for your special day, on schedule according to your pre determined timeline; as well as designing, printing, and shipping  your Day Of  products a minimum of 10 days before your date; saving you literally months of work and worry while ensuring everything from your engagement announcements to your thank you cards are expertly timed and perfectly coordinated. Self Post, Invitation Only Suites, Ala Carte, and Semi Custom DIY packages are also available. Click here to view our Wedding Packages. Email me today at for your free online consultation.(Wedding Paper Trousseaus with Concierge Service must be scheduled a minimum of 9 months before our wedding date. )