Personal Custom Design Packages

At PingKarma Custom Designs, we offer a range of personalized design solutions tailored to meet your individual needs. Our custom design packages are perfect for individuals looking to add a unique touch to their apparel, home goods,and accessories. Customized products make thoughtful, one of a kind gifts for the special people in your life. Custom Designs are also an excellent way to support your team, bring awareness to an important cause, showcase your pride or alliance, or make a statement without saying a word.

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$75 Ultimate Unlimited $50 Deluxe $25 Standard
Initial Designs 10-20 Initial Designs 5-10 Initial Designs 3-5 Initial Designs
Design Variations Unlimited 3 Variations/Design 1 Variation Each
Design Edits Unlimited 2 Revisions/Design 1 Design Edit/Design
Personalized Full-Color Digital Catalogs 3 Catalogs Proof Presentation Catalog Product Order Catalog Final Draft/Print Submission Catalog 2 Catalogs Proof Presentation/Product Order Catalog Final Edit/Print/Submission Catalog 1 Catalog Final Edit/Product Order/Submission
Final Graphics for Printing Unlimited 3 1
Product Options Unlimited Unlimited Standard-Apparel, Decor, Blankets, Accessories
Number of Products for Selected for Printing Unlimited 2 1
Product Variations, Colors, and Sizes including infant and youth Unlimited 3 1
XXXL+, Tall, included for a fee Yes Yes Yes
Free Lifetime License 1 Design X X
$19 Lifetime License Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
NO MINIMUM ORDER Requirement Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Print Service Providers for Platinum Selection and Value Unlimited X X
Print Processes/Print Provider Based on Your Specifications 2 Print Processes/Unlimited Providers 1 Print Process/1 Print Provider Direct to Garment Printing Only/PKCD will select Print Provider
Professional Review for Accuracy and Image Compatibility By Print Service Provider Yes Yes Yes
$10 reorder, design placements, reprints, new product selection, and print submission Free on Unlimited customer licensed designs FOREVER X X
Base Hourly Value 20-40 design hours @ $20/ hr 3-5 service/product sourcing hours @ $10 Base Hourly Value of $430-$850 10-20 design hours @ $20/ hr 3 service/product sourcing hours @ $10/hr Base Hourly Value of $230-$430 5-10 Design Hours @ $20/hr 2 Service/Product Sourcing Hours @ $10/hr Base Hourly Value $120-$220

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