Client Curated Collections

- The inspiration behind PingKarma's Client Curated Collections came directly from the imaginations of some of my favorite and most influential clients. These folks reached out to me at PingKarma Custom Designs because they had great ideas bumping around inside their brains. And...they had scoured malls, and stores, and the internet trying to find something that was at least comparable to their "dream" product., but to no avail. One email consultation, 5 short & sweet answers to my consultation questions, and some uplifting personal connection was all that was required. Our collective positive energy delivered the perfect product just as  they had imagined to reality. Thanks to their creative vision and our vibrational collaboration-you now have some supremely cool custom products ready to print and ship right to your door, or some sublime inspiration to finally make that hilarious T shirt, beautiful kitchen ensemble, or one of a kind shower curtain idea bumping around in YOUR BRAIN a reality with PingKarma Custom Design. Consultations and Quotes are always free. Email me at or use the get a quote button below. 

Our very first Client Curated Collection

 When Rodney Mutzabaugh hired me to design a Tshirt for him to wear at his camp so people there would know where he was from, the ideas just kept coming from us both for amazing designs highlighting the beautiful community that we both live in. From this process the Hometown Pride Rodney Mutzabaugh Born Country Collection came to be our first client curated collection. Although many wish to have their own licensed, custom, one of a kind design, sometimes what we imagine is just too good to keep to ourselves-and a cool, popular collection with your name on it is created. Check out the amazing products-which can be customized to match your hometown-that were cultivated straight from the connected imaginations of Rodney Mutzabaugh and PingKarma Custom Designs

Rodney Mutzabaugh-

Hometown Proud-

Born Country Collection-

Featuring his Hometown Neighborhood Fishing Creek Valley and the surrounding communities of Dauphin, Middle Paxton, and Clark's Creek all beautifully situated along the Susquehanna River  Home of the Dauphin Water Gap and the  Dauphin Narrows Little Statue of Liberty.