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"Custom" Custom Design Services


PingKarma Custom Designs, where creativity meets flexibility! Our comprehensive range of flex pricing and add-on services allows you to tailor your design experience to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you're looking to make minor tweaks to one of our existing packages or build your own comprehensive "custom" custom design package, our flex pricing and custom service options provide the freedom and affordability you crave

Explore our offerings and build your "custom" custom design package today at PingKarma Custom Designs, where your vision becomes a reality on your terms!

"Custom" Custom Design Services

Add-On Services-

We give you all pieces, you choose what you need. Maximize your budget with PingKarma Custom Designs' add-on services! Start with our most affordable package and easily customize it with additional options like extra revisions, multiple graphics, and variant colors for an affordable fee. Enjoy the flexibility of enhancing your design with lifetime licenses, SVG file transfers, and print order sourcing, all tailored to meet your specific needs without breaking the bank. Our add-on services ensure you get exactly what you want, only paying for the features you need.

PingKarma Custom                        Photo Editing, Restoration, &                Collage Design Projects

At PingKarma Custom Designs, we offer flexible photo service packages, creating cherished family mementos, thoughtful gifts, and impressive photo products for personal and business use. Protect your family's memories & photo legacy by turning that box of old photos locked away in the attic getting damaged by extreme temperatures and other elements into beautiful visual masterpieces your family will treasure for generations to come with our customizable photo design package options

Build your Own"Custom" Custom Design Package

 Service Options

Build your own design package with services like additional revisions, multiple graphics, SVG file transfers, and minimalist design creation. Whether you need a simple touch-up or a comprehensive design overhaul, our à la carte offerings ensure you get exactly what you need.

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Burger and fries US$7.50
Deep-dish pizza US$13.20
Hot dog US$3.50

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