What: PingKarma's Service Promise

Personalized White Glove Custom Design Services for Business, Group, Event, and Individual use. Every project, every design, every client my focus is on connection. I give 1000% to every design and your finished project will always show the dedication that was applied to every detail.

Why: PingKarma's Raise the Vibe... Mission

Pablo Picasso said-"Everything you imagine, is real."

And I Agree! For 20 years I have had a passion for creating custom designs, but I only recently decided to try to make a business out of my favorite hobby. This past year I have created PKCD Custom Apparel and Home Goods, All Skate-Custom Skateboard Line, and Face Case-Custom Phone Covers. But my favorite jobs by far are the custom designs I get the opportunity to create straight from the creative mind of my clients. The feeling of presenting someone with their initial catalog of designs and realizing how excited they are because it is just right, is so very rewarding. It forms a connection between myself and my client that is so charged with good energy it fills my space long after I have completed their project. In September of 2022, my 19 year old daughter was attacked and severely injured by a family member's dog. Her grace, compassion, bravery, tenacity, and kindness throughout her recovery has left me in awe of the human I brought onto this earth. In her honor, my mission this past year has been to focus on adding kindness, laughter, gratitude, and good vibes to my life and the lives of those around me with the hopes that the ripple might be felt throughout the universe... and I believe that the designer/client experience has helped me immensely in my mission to "Raise the Vibe"... 

Raise the Vibe...            PingKarma Intl Kindness Initiative:

PingKarma Intl is the umbrella company I developed for my little shops across the internet. Raise the Vibe....is a PingKarma Intl Kindness Initiative. Born of the desire to form an elevated vibrational connection-the signal for searching for connection is referred to as a "Ping "-which just happens to be my daughter's nickname since 2 years old, so the fact that I  thought of none of that BEFORE choosing the name is so magical it took my breath away when I finally noticed the "connections"         

What this means is that we diligently research our product and print service providers for ethical and moral business behavior. We make a concerted effort to NEVER partner with manufacturers or businesses that support forced or child labor, indentured slaves, or victims of human trafficking. We give when we are able a portion of profits to many kind causes throughout the globe, we do not discriminate, we promote unity and celebrate our similarities not our differences. Every human and living creature on this planet deserves kindness and that is what we promote. Worldwide Responsible Accrdited Production We promote safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing around the world through a comprehensive audit and certification program.https://wrapcompliance.org/en/about/what-we-do/https://www.sustainablejungle.com/certifications/manufacturing-certifications

How: We do all the things!!

Technology has completely changed designing from when I started out making taped together banners for my kids' birthday parties, or when I spent hours at Kinkos scanning, printing, and binding photos for individual calendars for everyone at Christmas time. Often times you can just type your idea into a chat bot and an impressive piece of art in 15 different styles can be yours. AI and I don't really vibe that well though. I always end up just like my clients searching and searching and rewording but it just is never quite right. I guess I just need the "real" nothing "artificial" magic to get my Vibe up. However...Although I do not use AI in my custom creations, the many other advancements in design software and internet offerings are more than sufficient allowing me to create your design exactly how you imagined it.

The only thing I can't imagine is why everyone is not living within their own 100% customized reality. I know you already know - YES, I have customized...ALL THE THINGS-FOR ALL THE THINGS -TO CELEBRATE ALL THE THINGS in my family's world, and my friends' worlds, and my pets' worlds. LOL and frankly they are kind of over having their face on their socks and their 1st grade drawings on their new mittens. So that leaves the rest of you inhabitants of earth. You must relieve my adult children and their future spouses from my crazy customizing. Because I am here to design and customize ALL  THE THINGS you can possibly imagine!