The Design Process 

At PingKarma Custom Designs, we pride ourselves on our meticulous design process that ensures each project is tailored to the client's unique vision. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life. View our Design Process Portfolio for a complete explanation of our entire process from initial consultation to delivery of your finished products

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we sit down with our clients to understand their design needs, preferences, and goals. We listen carefully to their ideas and provide expert guidance on how to best achieve their vision. Initial consultations are available via email, text, video, or the location of your choice. 

Design Brainstorming

After the initial consultation, I generally engages in a creative brainstorming session. I explore different design concepts, colour schemes, and layouts to develop a solid foundation for the project. As I go through this process your first large batch of first draft designs are created, arranged and presented to you for feedback

Client Feedback

Client feedback is crucial to our design process. We present our concepts to the client for review and incorporate their input and suggestions to ensure the final design reflects their unique vision. I then focus on any revisions or changes you submitted, and this cycle continues until you are DELIGHTED!!!

Final Delivery

Once the design is finalized and approved by the client, I proceed with the sourcing your products, choosing the print service provider and processes that best fit your project, and then create a final proof catalog for you to officially approve. Upon reciept of our order, I draft an invoice, and upon payment I create the technical print graphics designed, sized, and adjusted to the printer's specifications and place your print order. Upon printer approval of the submission they provide me tracking updates which I forward to you, and your item is shipped to your front door. We do ask that you follow our request for review policy closely, checking and reporting any descrepancies immediately. We also very much appreciate a photp of your finished products. This helps us vet our printers, and have tangible good examples of the actual products for future clients. 

Ready to Bring Your Vision to Life?

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